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Why choose our services?
When you require support, you need a specific set of skills that not just anyone can provide. At CJM Staffing, we know that having highly trained, specialized support from a professional makes a real difference in serving the needs of your clients and meeting the unique challenges of your business.  That's why we tailor a staffing solution to best meet your needs.

Temporary services include:

  • Executive Assistant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Clerk
  • Receptionist

The customized virtual roles that we provide include:

  • Virtual Data Analyst
  • Virtual Executive Assistant
  • Virtual Sales Assistant
  • Virtual Research Assistant
  • Virtual Business Management

No matter what level or complexity of assistance you require, we will provide the appropriate level of support. Even better, our virtual assistants don’t require the overhead of a typical employee, such as sick days, salary requirements, and physical space.  At CJM Staffing, our solutions are available on demand so that you only pay for the services you need when you engage them. 

Every business is unique.  Whether you are managing a high-demand sales agency, delivering products and services or meeting the medical needs of your community, CJM Staffing has the solution you need.  We want to understand you better. That’s why we recommend a free assessment to carefully understand the way your business works and create a customized solution that allows you to focus on the big picture, leaving the smaller details to us.
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No Recruiting
No Drama
No Problem
We all know that  hiring is a lengthy process that takes time and offers no guarantee of finding a successful candidate. With CJM Staffing, you don’t have to waste your time worrying about hiring, talent and retention. We take great care in finding amazing people who are always available to help you with your support needs
Our Virtual Assistants are serious professionals with multiple talents, great attitudes, and a willingness to take on any task ranging from mundane to highly complex. 
Spend your time focusing on the big picture. Let CJM Staffing focus on the details like the phone, help desk, administrative duties and sales so that you can spend your time on strategy, growth, and optimization.
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