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  1. Executive Assistant
    Book travel arrangements Schedule meetings Prepare your daily schedule Answer basic emails Transcribe recorded notes Put together power-point presentations Create excel spreadsheets/workbooks Create access databases Create / Format documents Help with accounting / billing tasks etc… The list is endless!
  2. Data Entry
    Updating medical records Entering information on new sales leads Logging billing information for customers Creating new user profiles Any task in which adding new data is necessary
  3. Sales Assistant
    Log your notes into your software or create a custom database Follow up with the sales team Ensure follow-ups are happening at the right time intervals Schedule calls for your sales team Assist with sales reports Conduct research on prospective customers Conduct research on cold and/or warm leads The salesroom is always going a mile a minute. Help your sales team to close even more deals by giving them the assistance they need.
  4. Research Specialist
    Identify credible sites with up-to-date information Compile relevant research based on your needs Make sense of the data by creating easy to understand graphs Find statistics you can share with your investors Help you identify weaknesses and strengths in your own business Identify opportunities for advancement in your industry Not only can our specialist compile data but also help you make sense of it.
  5. Dedicated Virtual Assistant
    Need help, but don't need the person to be physically in your office? Then a Virtual Assistant is the way to go. You'll work with the same assistant on a one-to-one basis, continually submitting tasks directly to this person. Your dedicated assistant will grow to know you, your work, and your preferences—all while learning to anticipate your needs without you having to repeat yourself. Our virtual employees are a shared resource among clients. They schedule their days to best serve you and your incoming tasks with priority and without delay. As such, we expect most tasking to be completed in 24-36 hours. We encourage you to place priority levels and deadlines on your projects.
  6. Already trained and ready to start
    Our staff are: * U.S.-based * Highly trained and professionally managed * Proficient in Microsoft Office suite, Google and most popular productivity suites * No hassle replacement - One email and done